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How Effective Advertising Made Me Generate Endless Leads and Distributors
How would you like your prospectscoming to you instead of you chasing after them? And, wouldn't it be nicer if you could do this for free?

You don't have to spend too much on advertising or even if you do, there are ways how you can compensate for the money that you spend on it, and generate endless leads in the process.

When I started internet marketing few years back, the company that I promoted had great reputation, products, and compensation plans. It even had an online training facility, too.

But I really didn't understand why, at that time, even if I followed what they were saying in the training, the results were always frustrating. The only downline I had was a friend of mine who after 2 months of doing nothing, gave up... just like a kid who's tired of playing games ;-).

This went on for years and I knew how my time, effort, and money were wasted due to an advertising and marketing approach that did not work. Is there a better way of building a business such as internet marketing?

Six months ago, I came across this website with a streamer that said "How you can literally have endless leads and distributors, knocking down your door, credit card in hand, and ready to join". Out of curiosity, I opted in ;-).

The advertising method that I learned there turned my life around in internet marketing. It basically taught me how to write effective ads, get prospects to buy anything I sell, and get paid to prospect. Yes, I got paid while doing it!

This situation actually generated endless leads in my business. It was an eye-opener for me and how I wished I had it long before I started my online ventures.
I kept doing persistently all the things that my upline had told me like participating in traffic exchanges, buying leads, blasting emails, and telling all my friends about the opportunity. Unluckily, I was still in a square one position.