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Tom And Nancy Myers (Experts In Making Money Online)
As Google Adwords professionals and full time online marketers making over $20,000 a month from affiliate marketing, we know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. We also know how easy it is (or isn't) to make money with different affiliate marketing systems, especially for beginners.

Five years ago when we first started experimenting with affiliate marketing to make an extra $3,000 a month to help pay for our kids' college tuition, we just took it for granted that making $100 a day in profits was normal. Today, with the advent of turn-key money making websites designed to help beginners make money quickly and easily with affiliate marketing, we want to shed some light on what is and what is not possible.

First, it is NOT possible to make money without any effort. You will still need to put in at least a few hours a week. BUT, you should find that with each passing week, less and less time is needed and with less and less effort, more and more income comes in from affiliate commissions.

Second, it is NOT for everyone. If you do not need or want to make extra money each month, it really doesn't make sense. And it might not be for you if you just want to read the theory about making money with affiliate marketing -- while the Money Making Affiliate Websites include training, their focus is on helping you make quick affiliate commissions.

Third, you may only make $200-$300 your first month in profits after expenses. Yes, some people make $5,000-$10,000 their first month, but it depends a lot on how well you can follow directions. You will still have to follow the instructions, but you just do it once and it keeps on generating income once it is going.

Fourth, in our tests of the some of the money making websites recommended by non-experts, some actually caused financial losses, which was not only very frustrating, but lost the very money people needed to put food on the table.

We and the other affiliate marketing experts evaluated over 19 different Affiliate Marketing Systems based on the following criteria:
Professional done design that will convert and create profits quickly for the owner.

Rapid profits and money earnings from affiliate commissions.

Very inexpensive and easy for a beginner.

Works for people in the USA, Canada, India, Nigeria, Australia, UK, or anywhere else in the world .

Produces the greatest amount of earnings after expenses..

Works for most beginners with no prior internet or affiliate marketing experience.

Has successfully been used by people around the world.

Fastest customer support.

REALLY gives an internet beginner a Money Making Affiliate Site they can just send people to and make money.

Is a complete turnkey system and website already built where a person can learn while earning.
Below, we give you recommendations of the top three Affiliate Marketing Systems that my team has tested and that meet all of the criteria above. Knowledge is power, and even if you are not an expert in affiliate marketing, we believe you can make money online! We will even give you our email address ( info@1webreviews.com ) to answer any questions you have.

As soon as you get started with your Money Making Affiliate Website, let me know (email above), so we can congratulate you because each person who does this is helping to take control of their financial future and spend more time with their family.

To your making money in affiliate marketing,

Tom and Nancy

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
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#1 Rated Affiliate Marketing System
The key to success with this system is that instead of just getting an ebook with a lot of theory, you get a turn-key Money Making Affiliate Website that is already set up for you and ready to make you money.

This company does it all for you, and with this system, you could be making money in hours.

The way the system is set up, the company builds your website for you, uploads it, submits it to the search engines, and more. All you need to do is fill out your name and email on the home page, click submit, and then get a hosting account so that the website can be uploaded.

The Money Making Affiliate Website works for anyone who has at least the basic knowledge of English and is best for people who are affiliate marketing beginners and still want to have the benefits of having an additional passive income.

This was the only company that answered my emails in 30 minutes or less. The Money Making Website provides up-to TWO TIMES the income of its closest competitor. which is CRITICAL for anyone getting started online.

It also comes with an 1-year money back guarantee.

Update: There is now a promotion running on the site, that includes $375 in free marketing credits and a $100 instant credit.

In Summary: Quick and easy setup, designed for complete affiliate marketing beginners, free bonuses, and the fastest response from customer service - our #1 pick.
Rating 9.9/10
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Highly Recommended
This guide, written by Lance Livingston, provides you with the best ways to make money online with affiliate marketing and other methods. The material offered new methods that I had never seen taught before, and better yet, that worked very quickly for me!

When you join the Net Wealth Dr. Membership program, make sure to take advantage of the free one-on-one coaching that you get. This made the difference for us because we had questions and the coaches helped clear them up for us and had us making money in no time at all.

The program also includes monthly updates that will help you stay on top of the latest marketing methods. Our suggestion is to start with #1, but this program should be your immediate follow-up to take your knowledge further.
Rating 9.0/10
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Also Recommended
Out of the 19 affiliate marketing systems that we reviewed, the Clickbank Code made the cut for the top 3. The system provides very good videos for training and material with details of some of the most effective online cash generating techniques used everyday.

The reason we gave this site only 7 out of 10 is because it is most appropriate for affiliates who have a little background.

The course teaches affiliates how to make money by creating excellent landing pages for Clickbank products. It walks you through selecting a page, designing your landing page, and includes some great training to market your new site.

However, since you must design your own landing pages this one shouldn't be your first affiliate training program. You'll be much better off starting with Free Site Signup (since it includes 35 money making pages), and then using this one as a followup once your ready to start designing your own sites.
Rating 7.0/10
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We hope to have helped you with our research to come an informed decision on which Affiliate Marketing System will give you the fastest income online.
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Ease of Use
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