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Can You Build Your Network Marketing Lead List With an Automated System?
Not to long ago, I sat in on a training call by McKay Earl, founder of The 90 Day Marketer. McKay often brings up interesting and controversial topics that come up in online marketing and I especially liked this one. . .

"Dangers of We-Do-It-for-You Systems . . .Do they actually work? Are they worth the investment? What are the downfalls? And More..."

Here are my feelings on the subject. . .

As online marketers, we must focus on the extremely important task of learning to brand ourselves. . .to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the crowd. Even beginners can start doing this a little bit at a time. It must be a continuous, ongoing effort and learning process - the better you get at it, the more successful you become.

So, in my opinion, you do not want to buy into the completely automated system that keeps you "hands-off" - that does EVERYTHING for you and doesn't allow you to see or understand exactly what's actually going on. You may get some quick and short-lived leads and profits in the beginning without even understanding how. You and everyone else who is taking advantage of the system. But who are you then branding? That's right. . .the system. Not yourself.

However, if you are a newcomer, using the right system to get your Network Marketing Leads (and immediate profits to keep you going) is a definite advantage.

Lead generation alone takes up a lot of time. If you can just plug into the right system that takes care of the lead generation for you, you have more time and effort on other business-building activities.

So what makes a system right and how can it be beneficial for newcomers?

To start off, one of the (if not THE) most difficult aspects for newcomers to the network marketing industry is getting leads and building the ever-important list. If you can leverage off the experience and know-how of expert online marketers who already know what leads you are looking for and where to get them, then by all means . . .DO IT! But make sure you stick with a system in which the leads that are generated go to YOU and not to whoever owns that particular system.

Secondly, if you are a newcomer to the industry and you are not getting leads, this means that you are also not generating any income. This is one of the reasons people give up. . .they cannot recover their costs. Yet another reason to let a system generate YOUR leads for you and, along the way, some immediate profits.

Besides just making sure that your Network Marketing Leads go to you, you also need to make sure that you understand how the system works so that you can eventually go out and create your own that is unique to you. Don't join a system that just takes all of your contact details and $50 per month and says they'll handle the rest.

Be sure that you understand what kind of marketing system you have in place with your system, the follow-up email messages that are being sent out, and most importantly, the training that is being offered to both you and the people who you recruit through the system. Make sure that the system you choose offers ongoing training, webinars and even one-on-one support by your team leader.

In this way, as the lead generation system continues to generate leads for you and you learn how to brand yourself, you are becoming a stronger leader and attracting more and more people to your business yourself.

Remember that if you are in this for the long-haul, you want to learn how to do things the right way. What better way to get started than by leveraging off of an experienced and successful online marketer. Just make sure that you are also getting the training that you need to branch out on your own.

If you don't have the time to go looking for the "right" lead generation system to start off with, I highly recommend the FreshLeadsForLife system. It's already helping thousands of members - most of them with no or little previous experience - get really highly qualified leads and upfront profits. There are many reasons that I strongly recommend this system but the two most important are. . .

1) It is backed up by training which teaches you how to brand yourself as you generate leads and profits.

The leads generated by the system are YOURS - not the system's.

FreshLeadsForLife is a great way to let the experts worry about your leads so you can focus on other aspects of your business and the all-important, branding yourself.

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