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Internet Network Marketing For Offline Network Marketers
For those who primarily build (or attempt to build) their network marketing businesses using traditional methods such as marketing to your warm market, making cold calls from purchased leads, or peeking interest with random people on the street, it can be a bit daunting and even stressful at times with these methods that have been used for decades. However, with all due respect to these methods, it would be silly not to have, in this day and time, a separate system in place for marketing to people online. Here are some simple methods to help you get started: (Disclaimer: Before diving into any of these methods, research different how-to manuals to cut your learning curve and save money. A great source to research the sources that are best to use in online marketing efforts is Traffic Testers.)

1. Personal Blog/Hub- This is number one because it is an excellent source where 1) you can post your business website, phone/fax number if you do not have a personal website to drive traffic to, 2) post summaries of your best and helpful content from your articles and videos, 3) you should drive traffic from your articles, videos, ads, and social media to your personal blog/hub, and 4) people can get to know you better by you sharing background info about yourself, hobbies, interests, and your personal testimony as to why you have started your network marketing business. Extra Tip: Do not post content that sound like sales pitches. Be original, professional, and authentic. Remember you are marketing you.

2. Web 2.0/Social Media- Websites such as Facebook and Twitter, are really great tools to build your brand (you, not your business), build relationships, and provide valuable and helpful content to your followers (prospects), whether they spend money with you or not. Great source: Twitter Traffic Exposed E-Book. Extra Tip: Marketing your business is okay but, only 5-10% of the time. Do not constantly post sales pitches. You will just look like spam.

3. Article Marketing- Online articles are a wonderful way to get high traffic to your personal blog/hub or website because it provides an opportunity to place high on search engine optimization (SEO), which is what you want. The keys are to make your articles relevant to your industry, keyword rich, and to post articles to no more than three article distribution sites. Great source: Article Cash E-book Extra Tip: Do not be intimidated by article marketing. If you want massive traffic 24/7 to your website/blog/hub for free this is a fantastic way to go.

4. Video Marketing- Movie buffs. TV couch potatoes. This marketing method is for them. It is a great way to reach out to those who love to watch videos online. The videos only have to be two minutes long. Make videos relevant to your industry. Great Source: Traffic Geyser

5. Pay-Per-Click Ads- Unlike the other methods mentioned above, pay-per-click ads is a great way to target those who are looking for your products/services/opportunity. Pay-Per-Click is the fastest way to generate leads online and also one of the most intimidating to learn and implement with potential for high cost to advertisers. Please learn before using this method. Great Source: The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords E-book

These great online marketing methods are great to use while using the just as effective and classic method: word-of-month. The network marketer who can master both online and offline marketing, along with the right mindset, and a mission to serve others, would have a profitable business.

Traliece Bradford is a internet entrepreneur who assist others achieve financial freedom through owning a home based business. She also enjoys encouraging people to strive for greatness and to be the best that they can be. To learn more about Traliece's business visit http://beabundanceccp.com