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I'm a USA Soldier
by Karen Dunn
Wednesday, March 26, 2003
My son is on active duty in the army. Needless to say, people who are NOT fighting the war or do NOT have children fighting the war have the luxury to have "OPINIONS" and spit on freedom and the war and those protecting them. As a mother of a soldier I pray that God will Bless our Miliary and those who believe in the USA, our Government, our Commander in Chief and pray for a quick resolution -- to the rest of you -- Dance with the Devil in Iraq !!!! Amen
When American's Protest
I'm a USA Soldier
When Protesters Sleep
I Protect -
I'm a USA Soldier
When my Wife & Children are Alone
I'm a "husband/father" USA Soldier
When Protesters Spit Against War
I'm a USA Soldier
When the Sand and Wind Blow me Apart
I'm a USA Soldier
Whether I'm in Uniform or Not
I'm a USA Soldier
When American's Disagree
I'm Appalled
I know What has to be Done!
I'm a USA Soldier

Reviewed by E. Richardson 5/30/2003

I found this refreshing!. Excellent job! May your son return soon and safe.
E.W. Richardson, USMC, Vietnam 1969-70

Reviewed by Michelle Furlong 4/18/2003

I love this poem. It is touching and well written. I agree with you that people are spending too much protesting the war instead of supporting and praying for the soldiers who are out there risking their lives for US. Mark is in my prayers!

Reviewed by Allen Filius 3/30/2003

Thanks to you and your son along with all our troops and their family's.
(Combat Engineer 85-96)

Reviewed by James David Compton 3/28/2003

Wonderful write Karen.
I support our troops as well as one's right to protest. That, after all, is what we're fighting for. I do believe, however, that the one's method of protest is an insight to one's integrity. A "Right to lifer" who kills an abortion doctor defeats his entire argument, just as those protesting war who choose violence defeat theirs. If we could only see that our message is in our actions, as well as our words.

Reviewed by Patricia Daniels 3/26/2003

My sentiments exactly - couldn't be said better. God Bless America and our service men.

Reviewed by Southern Horizons 3/26/2003

May God watch over your USA Soldier,,and ALL those that fight along side him. Your writes touch my heart,,,and I thank you for sharing them,,Lisa

Reviewed by karla dorman 3/26/2003

(((HUGS))) to you, karen, for your courage...and to your son, my prayers for his safe return...POWERFULLY written...thank you for sharing...may God bless and protect all of our airmen, army, marines, and navy personnel...and their families and loved ones...*salute* and thank you for defending freedom...(((HUGS))) and love, karla. (u.s.a.f, 1983-85)

Reviewed by Cathy Montgomery 3/26/2003

My prayers go up for all our soldiers and the allies' soldiers that are over there, too. Great write, indeed...

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